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Heart of the Storm by VoidSugar

First of all, I must say, this picture is really cool! I like the lightning background, and the way Sirius seems to stare off into the storm. There are a few things I think you should work on, however. I know the lightning and storm background were blurred out for effect, but I think it looks a bit odd, and maybe too blurred. I'd suggest sharpening the image, mainly the lightning. I also think that the detail in the background doesn't really match the main focus, Sirius. I'd suggest adding more detailed shading, and different shades of blue to give this more of the dark effect. I also think the shading/colour in general should be darker, since this picture takes place in a storm, at (what appears to be) night. I'd would suggest adding darker shadows, but have yellowing lighting/highlight effects to make a bit more contrast. The whiskers on the face look a bit like stripes, since the background is so dark, and I see how you tried to add some lighting to fix that, but maybe try replacing the whiskers somewhere else? I think you also need to work on expressing the character's expression more, because he looks a bit neutral. The vision of this picture is good, though I would still consider what I said about the background. The vision this picture creates is kind of like Sirius is lost in the storm, or thoughtful. This picture is very unique, and I have not seen anything like it yet. The technique you used was good, but again, try to work on more detailed shading, and also try sharpening the background (mainly lightning). The impact was also good, though a bit lacking, because of what I have mentioned earlier. I think to improve you just work on more specific skills like shading, highlights, and backgrounds, however, this does not mean that your picture is bad at all! No, this is still an amazing picture. Keep drawing!
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